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Donna Marie Savini Copyright  2018 

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Rain Clouds

And Blue Skies 

Rain comes and changes everything.   

This  Gallery contains a narrative to go with the images.  To find it, hover over the Images.   
These cards are available with or without prose.  
                             Hover over Image to view Title / Narrative
                                       Click and then click the top left Double arrows to expand.

Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.  The Rain falls upon the bad and the good and is beyond our ability to judge or measure. Do you think you and I are the first to ever wonder about that?  Do you think King David when he wrote the Psalms was the first to wonder about that?  It is a mystery ... the shifting and changing of fate ...  and that is for me why I must keep my heart in Faith and my eyes on Heaven.  

This Collection of cards is offered individually or in Gift Box Sets of 6.
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When Ordering the Gift Box Set Storm Clouds Clearing, all 6 cards  are part of the Gift Boxed Set. 
The cards are available with or without the Narrative.  Please, specify your preference.