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Donna Marie Savini Copyright  2018 

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All of Nature Awaits.


From the Rain Clouds Blowing In Collection, this is Number 6 in the series.   I take these pictures as I walk along the linear park along the Gulf of Mexico, near to my home.  The beauty of being in nature is how it is aways changing, always beautiful in different ways.  Every walk is different.  If you take enough walks some of them are going to a little bit more ideal than others.  These cards tell the story in pictures and words, ( the cards are available with or without the Prose ) of a walk where the day suddenly changed and rain clouds were moving in. Rain clouds are beautiful, and this squal moving in was even a bit exciting to see. I made it back to my car alive, cheated death again. Taking pictures all the way.  (the cards are available with and without narrative prose, please make your selection)  You can go to the Rain and Clearing Gallery to read the narrative.  

  These cards are 5 x 7 inches and printed on high quality matte photo paper, hand trimed and folded to fit their envelopes.  The cards are blank inside so that your pen may complete this little work of art before it is given to someone else to enjoy.  

Rain Clouds Blowing In ...#6

Narrative Prose Opt.