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Donna Marie Savini Copyright  2018 

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 The Storm Clouds Clearing Collection, all 6 cards in the series, including the narrative prose. 

 The time when these photos were taken was so inspired.  I can't tell you how my eyes raised up to see this sight.   My souls eyes as well as my natural were seeing so that I cannot tell you if what I remember is what was really there or not.  I feel as though the clouds were moving as though they were being pushed around by unseen hands.  The prose was born during those minutes that I stood standing and watching.  The cards are available with or without narrative prose.  Please go to the Rain and Clearing Gallery to read the prose with the image before you choose.  

  These cards are 5 x 7 inches and printed on high quality matte photo paper, hand trimed and folded to fit their envelopes.  The cards are blank inside so that your pen may complete this little work of art before it is given to someone else to enjoy.  

Storm Clouds Clearing with Narrative